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Monday, September 10, 2012

What I'm Reading This Morning:

For some reason, I've been told that college kids don't read the news. 
I'm here to say, yes, we do. 
Some don't but generalizations just make people look foolish.
Should I say, all people that watch the news don't have fun? 
No, because that's a generalization.
So, I'm here to squander college stereotypes!

I walk every morning to the news stand down the block to get a FREE copy of The Colorado Daily
This is really about Boulder and our community. If you're a Buff, read this. It's awesome. 

Since this paper is very narrow to showing just the community I live in, I also:

Watch Live with Kelly and Michael to hear entertainment and other news 
I read the news on gmail when I check my e-mail

From gmail, these are the articles that are interesting to me today:

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