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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Link Ups!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
-that after a really difficult 2 weeks in school, Brennen and I played hooky today
-that we just stayed in bed and then made breakfast. We slept or watched Big Bang Theory all day. Tonight, we're going to a movie :D
-that I got Brennen to buy a mirror for his room so I can do my make up
-that I am a little bummed that my blog isn't growing that much anymore but to still appreciate those who do
-that I get really behind in blogging
-that I probably watch way too much tv
-that I like to have my sound machine on rain and to have it running quite often just because it's calming to me
-to be super excited for my boyfriends birthday!! 


I'm thankful that when I'm sad or stressed out, Brennen is there for me. I'm really excited for his birthday this Saturday. I really hope that I can make it one of his best ever! I'm so thankful for him and I really hope he knows that. I also am really thankful for our relationship. He's the best boyfriend and my best friend. 

(I know this was very cheesy, I'm just very excited for his birthday!!)

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