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Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Morning!!!

A lot of my friends (IRL) have asked me what my morning routine is because they feel like I always seem prepared and refreshed in the morning. If you've been a college kid, you know how challenging being refreshed and prepared everyday really is. So, I've told them and I thought I'd share with you! 

My secret: 
It's simple really. I make sure that I actually have a morning. I schedule my classes so that I don't have a  class before 12:30 pm. Sometimes my classes go later (that's mostly due to the fact that some reason the film department schedules our classes later in the day) but I like having a morning and then class in the afternoon and homework and relaxing at night.

My routine:

8:15 am
Wake up

8:30 am
I usually take Brennen to school/work in the mornings because he usually picks me up from school

8:45 am
Make coffee
Wash face

9:00 am
Watch Live with Kelly and Michael
Any homework that I need to finish before class
Pick up anything in room that needs to be
Check e-mail and facebook

10:00 am
Make bed
Get school bag ready

10:10 am
Begin work out

10:40 am
Make breakfast and eat it YUM!

11:00 am
Shower and get ready

11:30 am
Read outside

From then on out, I finish cleaning or finish homework. Everything isn't minute to minute, this is just a rough estimate of when everything gets done. I leave for class at 1:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to get to class at 1:55 (starts at 2)

Then I have class until 4!

TADA! My not so complicated but busy mornings laid out!

Happy Monday!

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  1. wow,,,,you're so disciplined! i'm way impressed. i would be in bed till 10, maybe shower,,,and still probably be late to class. haha

    happy monday!