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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happiest of Mondays!

First off, the Broncos won!! Yay!! Such a good start for the season. And such a great redemption for Colorado since quite frankly, the Buffs have been sucking. (Super disappointing)
Secondly, I'm feeling great this morning! So many good posts are coming your way this week! I've thought up so many ideas and I'm excited to get them out there! 
I'm still doing the challenge except it's not 90 days as formerly stated, it's 120 days! Wow, what a challenge for me! I'm pretty sore but I love the feeling of getting in shape! 
Just a little preview as to what's coming this week:

1. TV Reviews (new episodes are coming!! Sooo excited. Probably too excited)
2. Book Reviews
3. Very First "Controversial Topic" post
The others I'll keep secret for now so I can develop my ideas better

But, for now, have the nicest of days today! 
It is so beautiful here in Colorful Colorado & sending love to each and every one of you no matter where you are! 


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