What I Write About


The Name is Becca


I just turned the dangerous age of 21
I'm a full time film student at the University of Colorado at Boulder
I am totally in love with photography, movies, music, and my boyfriend Brennen.
We knew we wanted to be together forever the first time we spoke. 
He is the most giving, amazing, and loving man I have ever met. 
He's incredibly good looking, tall, and intelligent. 
He's majoring in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. (What a mouthful!)
Here's a picture of us :)
I'm born and raised in Colorado 
I'm the youngest of four with two brothers and a sister.
My entire family is everything to me. I have the best parents, siblings, and grandparents anyone could ever ask for. They are indescribably wonderful
This is most of my family:
My dad had to work so he isn't in this picture so here's a picture of me and my parents:
My family has two dogs: Max and Rags. They are the pure joy in the world. 
This is Rags:
This is Max:
I just recently hiked Pikes Peak with my dad but I'm not overly athletic
I'm much more of a creative person
With a big personality
I love expressing myself and I am a believer in Christ 
I've had a walk with the Lord since day one since my parents ALWAYS brought me to church
I love sunflowers and rain
I would live on the ocean in a boat if I could
Disney is my passion
Reading keeps me sharp and my imagination running rampant
I don't like doing laundry or all the reading that is assigned for classes
Brennen and I like watching movies and going out to dinners
I love meeting new people 
and I'm just starting out with the whole blogging thing
I love all things British (I'm 1/4 English)
and I'm a great listener! 

My e-mail is: beccamichelle6779@gmail.com

For more details about my blog, visit my "what's up here" page 

Have a good day lovelies! 

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