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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finals are just around the corner...for me, literally. Finals are suppose to be next week but of course, my teachers have given me two this week: one tomorrow and one on Friday.  I'm not entirely sure how to study for the one tomorrow which is why I can be found here. Besides the fact that I'm not sure how or what to study for this exam, I've also been up since 3 am and my energy is wearing thin. My energy, patience, and brain are on the fritz. I can't do this much longer so it's a good time for finals. I feel sick to my stomach and completely lost.
There's something about this stress that is different then normal. My stomach hurts so bad and my focus is just everywhere else. I feel like I've given all that I have to give and that I'm trying to contribute more but I just can't find it within my soul to do so. I really need to do well on these finals. They will be the deciding factors between A's and B's and yet, I still have no more tricks up my sleeve and I have absolutely nothing left to give. Nothing. The bucket keeps going in to the well and there is no water. It makes no sense but it's a matter of getting the grades or not. This is rambling nonsense and I recognize the fact that my brain is just dumping out the excess. This is my last attempt at anything.

I just want to sleep.

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