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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me&My TV

(The chronicles of what is probably an inappropriate relationship with me and Stevie, my tv)

Okay folks, here we go. 
One of my favorite things about fall is that tv is no longer in reruns
& I rejoice in that fact.
Not sure how many tv lovers are out there but you're lookin at one right now
One of my biggest reasons for loving tv is that it's mindless (except in Big Bang Theory where I actually do pick up a couple things haha) BUT since I just took a Biology test that I've been studying for for the last 4 days, I'm going to indulge in some good ol' tv
Thus, my second love: my dvr
Read on for my reviews (which there is some expertise to since I'm a senior year film student)

On the menu for tonight:

2 Broke Girls
How I Met Your Mother
Switched at Birth
New Girl

**NOTE: Spoilers Included**

Switched At Birth

First of all, Bay is such an unlikeable character. It seems to me that  everyone is trying hard to make it work and she isn't grateful at all. I understand that she think that her art deserves to be wherever she put it but it's time to be a little bit of an adult. She can't expect her dad to want graffiti on his place of business. Also, not claiming she's a Kennish? How hurtful to her family! I'm not really sure how I feel about the Bay and Emmett situation except that he seemed to have made her a better person, a more respectful person. The situation with Daphne and Angelo is hard because I totally understand where she's coming from, he's just trying so hard. But that's life and when you walk out on someone, they're bound to not forgive you. Regarding Regina, she's a badass. She always cuts in and does what she thinks is right. Her talking to Simone is a really interesting sub plot to the story.  What I like about Bay and John 's  relationship is that it's real. This happens between girls and their fathers. In this episode he says "I feel like I don't know you anymore". Crushing thing to hear, and these things get said. It's a sad part of life. Something that I really like about ABC Family shows is that it's honest about real life. Sometimes it's cheesy but it's real about family. 

How I Met Your Mother *Premiere*!!!

I am so excited for this premiere!! AHHH!! Can't believe how long I've waited for this moment! 
On to my review: 
Classic comedy that I love
It's great to see a premiere that keeps the classic humor alive. It's hard to wait for the same show you love all season to come back and it be changed but of course, Barney was boss, not to mention my favorite character. 
How amazingly beautiful. All I have to say is wow, wow, wow. My favorite shot is where the camera pans Ted's future wife and then where her face is, her yellow umbrella shows. 
This premiere was beautiful, perfect, and flawless. Can not wait for the rest of the season. I am reminded as to why this is one of my favorite tv shows of all time. (5 STARS)

2 Broke Girls *Premiere*


Same old humor. I think that some of the story lines are played out but whatevs. Still a good mindless television show. I do think that maybe they should do some stuff with the cupcake business instead of just constantly talking about it. And I didn't really understand Max's attracting/flirting thing with Caroline's dad. I'm hoping the rest of the season is a step up from the premiere.

New Girl *Premiere* & s02/ep02

Premiere Same good humor. It was nice to see some sadness in Jess. I know that's a weird thing to say but she is always so quirky and bubbly (which is a good thing) but it was good to see some more depth to the character. 
s02/ep02 Jess seemed a little bit more tame when she was talking to the guy in the bar. Usually, they show her being really out there and quirky but she seemed more tame with her conversation (not her climbing on her lap haha). I wonder if their feedback said that she needed to be a little bit more relatable or something but I think everyone can relate to her weirdness ha. "He wants to cook for me. Is there a hot way to say I don't feel sexy after I eat a lot of cheese?" hahahaha love it. 

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