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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Two Shameful Ways College Kids Acquire Stuff For Free 


A student from University of Colorado at Boulder, thusly known as CU, created this site. It's called This Song is Sick. The music on there isn't for everyone but it's worth checking out. 99% of the songs are free and if they aren't, you can listen to it anyway. There's also a link to itunes for the songs.

Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books, Books, Audio Books, Music Albums, Individual Songs, And More

So this is what the shameful in the title was referring to because I'm introducing you to a website that is, well...pirating. Hence, the websites name: thepriatebay. Pretty much search it, and it's yours. If you're downloading someone from it, click on it and it will tell you if it's been scanned and says that it's safe (to avoid viruses on your computer) and as always, you want to choose a download that has more seeders then leachers. Honestly, I use this all the time. It's absolutely amazing. I know, I know, not exactly ethical but when you're pretty much living on Top Ramen and looking for quarters on the ground to do laundry, it's a pretty good alternative to just staring at the walls because you can't afford movies and books. After all, text books are expensive enough.   

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